Riders ready… watch the lights

Well, you’ve made it to the bmxcommentator blog. I’m really glad you’ve opted to stop by here and see what its all about and I hope you enjoy it enough to come back on a regular basis. I bet you are wondering what this online effort is all about, so let me explain.

I’ve been into BMX for 30 years at the time of writing this post, its been my entire life and probably always will be. Its an addiction I can’t shake, nor do I want to and I’m passionate about racing and the people around it. My heart still races when I hear the gate command “OK riders…random start’ and I could almost be up there with the riders, every single lap, every single time.

The blog and podcast came about because I got the unstoppable urge to present the sport in a positive light, to give riders an opportunity to be heard, to speak and present themselves in a way that benefits them and allows ‘the fans’ to get a real picture of how they are on and off the track. In addition to this, I aim to bring people from inside and outside the sport of BMX racing who have the skills, talents, abilities and knowledge to make you a better BMX racer, maybe even a better human being. To affect you in a positive way both on and off the track and hopefully make a difference in your life.

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I claim to do so. All I know is that BMX racing is the best sport in the world, the riders are true athletes and warriors. My intention is to do them, and you, proud by presenting them in the best possible light whilst keeping the listeners entertained and inspired.

This is the start, we are literally on the gate and watching the lights…. Come and join us, there’s room in BMX for everyone.

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One thought on “Riders ready… watch the lights

  1. Craigglinos says:

    Your by far the best commentator in the sport Rich, really liked the comment ” their queuing up like greggs on a Friday afternoon” at Manchester last weekend, typical northern wit, laughed all the way home, keep it up.

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