The bmxcommentator podcast – Episode 1 with Cal Strickland

Finally, I’ve figured out how to get the podcasts posted to the blog for your listening pleasure! A historical moment no less, as the first episode of the podcast is now available to listen to on the website. Every episode will be posted here, and I’m working on getting everything uploaded to iTunes in the not too distant future.

So, the very first guest is Cal Strickland. If you are not familiar with Cal, he’s basically radder than a free bar at the Playboy mansion! A firm fixture in the UK Elite class and super smooth with plenty of speed, he unfortunately took a huge wreck at the 2014 Winter Series event at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester resulting in a laundry list of injuries. I caught up with Cal during his subsequent recovery phase and talked about the crash, the recovery, trips to the US and plans for 2014. Its all in the audio and I’d just like to thank Cal for being a great guest as well as the first one.

Kick back, grab a drink and listen to what Cal has to say. I hope you like it.

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