The BMX Commentator Podcast – Episode 6 Manchester World Cup 2015 Preview Show

Episode 6 of the podcast sees a slightly different approach, On the Saturday prior to the 2015 UCI World Cup SX opener in Manchester I took the opportunity to ‘invade’ the SX practice session and capture some opinions from the world’s best in the lead up to the big event.

Riders featured are Felicia Stancil, Liam Phillips, Quillan Isidore, Kyle Evans, Tre Whyte, Jared Garcia, Corben Sharrah, Nic Long and Anthony Dean.

I’ve literally had to throw this together in a very short space of time whilst dealing with some technical gremlins so please forgive the fact its a dog rough edit!

I will try to get some more interviews done over the SX weekend itself, and post them after the race.

Hope you enjoy this one, thanks for listening!

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