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The BMX Commentator Podcast – Episode 5 with Charlotte Green

Well, after ‘a bit of a break’ (6 months…don’t ask… it can be summed up with the words ‘I’m a slacker’) The BMX Commentator Podcast is back!!

This episode’s guest is the lone female rider on Team GB’s Academy program; Charlotte Green. After a great finish at the Manchester UCI Supercross and a trip to Papendal which didn’t quite work out as planned, injuries took ‘Alice Crackers’ out of circulation for a little while. Now back on the bike and training hard going into 2015, Charlotte sat down with me for a chat after Round 2 of the ‘Racing Under The Roof’ Winter Series in Manchester. We talked about fireworks, Facebook, driving in Manchester v driving in Cornwall and even squeezed in a bit of BMX chat…

Feel free to follow Charlotte on her Facebook athlete page, Twitter and Instagram (@alicecrackers)

The BMX Commentator Podcast is back, it won’t be 6 months before you hear Episode 6… that’s for sure!

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The BMX Commentator Podcast Episode 2 with Kyle Evans

Episode 2 of  The BMX Commentator Podcast sees us chat to Team GB Academy athlete Kyle Evans. Hailing from North West England Kyle has rapidly become one of the rising stars of not only British BMX, but BMX worldwide with his smooth, motocross influenced style and fearless riding that sees him hit any jump in his path with no hesitation. Kyle sat down to talk about the realities of being a full time athlete and the shock to the system that greeted his entry to the GB Academy programme, meeting his childhood idol Travis Pastrana, custom painted helmets and much more besides.

Please note: the interview was recorded in a busy hotel lobby due to the circumstances of that day so there is some background noise as we talked. It shouldn’t take away from your enjoyment of the interview but its not a scenario we’ll be looking repeat any time soon. If you wanna get in touch, then leave a comment or hit up the social media (Twitter/Instagram @bmxcommentator)

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